Literacy and reading are essential tools that affect everyday life.

Reading is essential for a person’s cognitive and emotional development. It enables one to acquire new knowledge and skills, to broaden their understanding of themselves and the world. It also helps to develop concentration, the ability to analyse and synthesise, to improve oral and written expression, and it is also a great form of entertainment and relaxation.

In this context, the library has the following objectives:

  • To create and consolidate reading habits in children from an early age.
  • To encourage the development of reading skills in everyone.
  • To promote cultural leisure and socialisation.
  • To improve digital skills.
  • To raise awareness of books and reading from different perspectives.
  • To transmit and disseminate the oral tradition.
  • To work on interculturality.

Offer of activities

  • Reading clubs in different languages, for different age groups.
  • Management of collections for other book clubs.
  • Reading guidance for families in small groups.
  • Pre-reading activities that combine library, family and school (Mintzoan KuxKux).
  • Digital literacy workshops for different age groups.
  • Various workshops related to creation, translation and publishing.
  • Information and training for teachers and other communities.
  • Temporary points of interest with a variety of topics.