The aim of this programme is to support, facilitate and develop in a shared way the processes of creation and research of artistic projects related to the living arts (theatre, dance, circus), in any of their phases.

One of the main characteristics of this programme is the shared development of these creative processes with agents and citizens of Errenteria through the planning of mediations that are developed in collaboration with companies that come to work during their stay.

The aim is to offer a first-rate artistic experience to those people who do not have a habitual relationship with the living arts; the creative processes carried out by the companies are also enriched by committing themselves to these creative processes (because of their subject matter, their knowledge, because they are the target audience of the project,…), acquiring a different dimension.

The companies and creators participating in the programme receive up to €4,000 in grants, space and technical resources to carry out their artistic work, accommodation (link to technical data), meals at the canteen of Lekuona Fabrika and support from the mediation team to carry out the project.