Ehunduz project call for proposals

Herritar Plaza aims to be a meeting point for sharing knowledge and interests among the members of the community and is built and developed with the active participation of the people who make up the community.

To reinforce this idea, the Ehunduz laboratory call for projects was created as a citizen meeting point for the development of shared projects.

The intention of these calls is to gather the initiatives or challenges faced by citizens, associations or collectives and to offer experiences, knowledge or means to carry them out.

They can be proposals related to the needs of the town, to a specific collective, or to individuals.

The call will be made annually and will be assessed and determined on the basis of the budget necessary for the development of the projects submitted, the number of projects and the selection of projects.

How and by whom will these projects be chosen?

The commission, made up of different local cultural agents, will study the proposals and decide which ones to choose.

This commission will meet every two months to select the projects submitted to the call for proposals and to monitor their development.