Resident companies

Through this initiative, the Town Council wants to promote a strategy in favour of local creators and their work to deepen the impact it can have on the town, with the conviction that resident creators play an important role in this process. At the moment, the resident companies in Errenteria are Kukai Dantza and Dejabu . This means that these creators or groups, who work and have a stable impact on the town, use municipal infrastructures and/or resources, among other things, in a normalised way.

A relationship with different levels in which quantifiable and tangible values and resources are intertwined (allocation of spaces, financial subsidies,…); and absolutely impalpable consequences at the level of art, creativity and relationships. In general, they can be summarised in the following characteristics:

  • The main driving force behind the creation of resident creators is the search, curiosity and the need for an artistic language of their own.
  • A direct relationship with Errenteria and its population, being a member of the community, and being committed to it.
  • To have creative mediation, communication and education projects.
  • To seek the stability of the people who make up the company or founding group.
  • That at a certain point in their development, the resources, spaces and financial aid provided by the Town Council will have meant, among other things, a significant source of support.
  • A gradual and progressive relationship with the Town Council.